The Safe Mac

A Short Biography

Prairie dogI am an avid nature photographer! I have been taking pictures since I was 12 or so, using all kinds of cameras and film. I long ago left film behind, however, going all digital. Some of my photos can be viewed on my personal photo pages. Although I have never done any professional photographic work, I have often thought about trying to sell some of my pictures.

Mac 128KI am also an avid Macintosh computer fan. I have been using the Macintosh since 1984, when my dad brought one home from work. The clunky looking machine, shown at left, was called a Mac 128K. Why, you ask? Because it only had 128 K - yes, that's a 'K', as in "kilobytes" - of RAM. In comparison, the machine I'm typing this on has 4 GB of RAM. For those not versed in such things, 4 GB is exactly 4,194,304 K, more than 32,000 times more than the RAM in my family's first Mac. The Mac 128K also had a whopping 8 MHz (yes, MHz, not GHz) processor. Further, it had no hard drive at all, relying entirely on its 400K floppy drive - which, at the time, could hold the entire system, an application and your files, in about 1/1,250,000 of the storage space on my current machine's hard drive. Things sure have changed in the last 27 years!

What's that? You say I'm a nerd? Well, yeah, I suppose so. My life has been a saga of professional nerdism, and I don't see becoming a professional web designer changing that a whole lot. I have been involved with computers professionally many times over the years.BitJuggler Software I have worked full-time computer support jobs, done consulting, been a technical writer for a programming magazine and even owned my own software company, BitJuggler Software. (I closed BitJuggler at the end of 2006, due to lack of time to properly support my software.)

Snow drawingI also have my artistic side. My photography is obviously one example of this. I also was interested in painting and drawing in middle and high school. However, I have not done any painting since high school, and no real sketching since my sophomore year of college. I prefer photography these days. The analytical side of me gets too involved in details, making art more of a chore than an enjoyment for me. Still, I am proud of the paintings and drawings I did when I was younger. These skills also serve me well in creating graphics for web sites.

Most recently, I had a brief flirtation with teaching high school science. I spent three years completing a teaching program, and then had a couple positions (after student teaching) within a two-year period. That was enough for me. I love teaching, but hated being a teacher. What's the difference, you ask? Being a teacher involves more behavior management, paperwork and begging for resources than it involves actual teaching. So now I'm back at home, starting down a different road.

Of course, my biggest accomplishment is something I've been working on for the many years, and will be working on for some time into the future: my kids. My family is very important to me. I have been a stay-at-home dad on and off for years, and I have to say it has been a wonderful experience. It has, of course, had its challenges, but the rewards are incredible.

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