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Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

Published July 15th, 2015 at 10:09 AM EDT , modified July 15th, 2015 at 10:10 AM EDT

As faithful readers will know, my name is Thomas Reed, and I have been the sole owner of The Safe Mac and creator of the anti-adware program AdwareMedic for a few years now.

In March, I was contacted by Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, who expressed interest in the things I had been doing. The timing could not have been better, and I’m pleased to say that AdwareMedic and The Safe Mac are now owned by Malwarebytes, and I’m now the Director of Mac Offerings at Malwarebytes. Given the Malwarebytes philosophy of taking a hard stance against adware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and their commitment to offering free consumer versions of their products, the fit could not have been any better!

I’m excited to announce that, today, we’re rolling out our flagship Mac product: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. This is an improved, but still largely familiar, update of AdwareMedic, and it will be free for all consumers. I’m even more excited when I think about plans for the future, which will include rounding out Malwarebytes’ offerings with other Mac products, providing features like efficient real-time protection, anti-exploit protection and enterprise-friendly capabilities.

I think that, together with Malwarebytes, we can make Mac anti-malware software better, and that’s going to be important in the years ahead!

I will also be continuing to write about Mac security issues, as part of a team of other great, award-winning writers, on the Malwarebytes Unpacked blog. Although I won’t be posting new content on The Safe Mac, it won’t be going away; it’s just changing form.

I’m looking forward to working with Malwarebytes to protect and educate Mac users. I hope you’ll join us!

To celebrate the launch of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac, we’re giving away a MacBook Air. You can enter here to win!


  • iEscape says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Congratulations on this good news.

    • jon says:

      It is generally understood the on a PC Malwarebytes is the only way that one can block ransom ware. A high five for that. At the same time is also generally understood that the Mac OS X is immune from Malware (adware can get into a mac but it is not malishious and thus not deemed to be Malware). Allowing an infected Parallels/Win7 VM to send files directly to the OS X side of a Mac with Parallels installed is the exception. When installing Parallels the share files option is left unchecked and well as the avoiding the use of the coherence mode.. to preclude the path for sending an infected file to the Mac. The point being that the app Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Macs just might not be required.

      • Thomas says:

        It is inaccurate to say that Mac OS X is “immune from malware” – dangerously inaccurate, in fact. That thought has made every previous Mac OS X malware infection more successful than it should have been, because people haven’t been cautious enough.

        In addition, you’re misunderstanding Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. It doesn’t just remove malware, which admittedly is a small threat on the Mac at the moment. It also removes adware, which is at epidemic levels for Mac OS X right now, and I firmly believe that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac is the best adware remover out there for the Mac.

        • Alex says:

          Can you ask them to add MacKeeper as one of the programs it scans for. Its is not much more than malware ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thomas says:

            That’s something I’m hoping to add in the future, especially given Malwarebytes’ low tolerance for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) like MacKeeper on Windows.

        • Chris says:

          I agree! Macs are not immune. Everyone that keeps repeating “Macs are immune” just makes it worse. I am part of an Apple Family. With common sense and a little diligence you can keep all of the Wares at bay. Its only a matter of time before the people start targeting Apple more. I just had to help a buddy get rid of Adware that had infected his MBP. Its not easy to get rid of once its in. That program didn’t like the trash! Thanks for looking out and keep diligent!

          • Sad says:

            Would you mind elaborating on how you got rid of the adware on the mbp? I seem to have the same issue–I have tried using Malwarebytes for mac but it would not download, and would like to use the chameleon version but there doesn’t seem to be a mac version.

          • Thomas says:

            When you say Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac would not download, what do you mean? What specifically is happening?

            There have been many people lately who have been confused by the site and who have ended up downloading a Windows version, which of course won’t work on a Mac. Be sure to download from here:


  • Jabba the Cat says:

    Excellent, hope it grows into a comprehensive product like on the PC…

  • Paul A says:

    Congratulations, Thomas – Malwarebytes Unpacked now bookmarked! I shall continue to follow you and your team’s good advice and look forward to future developments/product announcements.

  • Marc says:

    Hi Thomas.. – from the NW UK, I would like to say Thankyou for taking the time to code this great bit of software !

  • Pucca says:

    First of all wow this is good news, congratulations.

    I have a question though, does it scan on malware already or only adware since it’s an update of adwaremedic? I was hoping for a mac version for a while since I heard great things about malwarebytes on PC’s.

    • Thomas says:

      It does have some added signatures for some of the more recent malware that may still be installed on some computers. I didn’t add detection of any really antique stuff because… well, that would just be a waste of time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Federico says:

    Thanks Thomas. You have been on the first place on my bookmarks for years and I didn’t miss a day for visiting your site. I would like to congratulate with you for your success, you strongly deserved it for your great talent and passion. I wish you all the best for the future and I’m very happy I can continue counting on your precious and unique assistance.

  • eidolon says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I do not see a version for my business, I fix Macs. I was able to pay you via PayPal Donations before. Is there a Business version coming?


    • Thomas says:

      The business version will be coming soon, but it’s too early to say exactly when. Trust me, we want it as badly as you do!

      • eidolon says:

        So until then it’s OK to use the download here??
        Like I said happy to pay for, and have in the past, such a useful tool.


        • Thomas says:

          You can certainly continue to use AdwareMedic for as long as we continue to support it. The big difference is that AdwareMedic won’t have any malware signatures, if something should come up that requires them.

  • Lynn says:

    I love Malwarebytes, but I must admit that my heart sank just a little as I started to read their press release. Reading your entry above turned the sinking feeling into excitement, Thomas. It was an excellent move on their part to add you to their team! Congrats!

  • Patricia says:

    When I got re-routed to this website and started to read I thought OMG… is this an impostor? Well, Thomas, you’ve taught us all to be really careful. But as I read further I realize it’s true and this is a whole new endeavour for you at which I am sure you will excel. You were such a help to me when I thought my Mac was done for via a virus thingy. I’m still grateful. All the very best to you and this new affiliation.

    • Thomas says:

      Good, I’m glad you took a moment of caution when you saw something unexpected! That’s the kind of thinking that will keep you safe online. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad I’ve been able to help, and I’m really looking forward to my future with Malwarebytes!

  • Bo says:

    Wow, congrats!

  • Bo says:

    Forgot to ask. Is there a RSS feed link to the forum where you will be posting? I like you blog feed because it was timely to what we techs in the field are seeing in the wild.

  • Daire Crozier says:

    ah crap, no more the safe mac

    • Thomas says:

      Not at all! I’ll still be blogging about the same topics, just in a different place, and the information already here isn’t going to go away.

  • Paul says:

    Hi Thomas, I have installed the new program, now how do I uninstall the old one?, just drag it too the trash?



  • Jean says:

    Congratulations Thomas! I have always been a fan of Malwarebytes as my trusted go-to for the occasional PCs in my life. I am happy to hear this news and wish you all the best.

  • Jay says:

    Great news, congrats!
    Looking forward to future blog posts and app updates.

    Just holler when it’ll be ready for the AV test ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Martin T. says:

    Hi Thomas!
    I’m a relatively new user of Mac and tips that you’ve shared have been of great help at this time as your AdwareMedic. Because of that I want to consult you: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replaces AdwareMedic or both have different use? You need to delete AdwareMedic or continue using it normally?

    It is a pleasure to read you and I’m glad a lot of this progress for you.
    Greetings and thank you!

    • Thomas says:

      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac will replace AdwareMedic. It’s really the same program, with some additional features (such as the ability to detect recent malware).

  • Taavi says:

    Thanks for creating this page. It’s been very helpful.
    Also thank you guys for supporting Anti-Malware on OS X 10.7. I’ve been thinking about going back to Windows (if I won’t win the MacBook Air, which probably won’t happen, because I don’t have Facebook or Twitter nor friends who’d be interested getting a new computer), because Apple drops the support for operating systems too fast, while Windows Vista still receives security updates. Developers like you are my highest hope to continue use a Mac, because MacBook Early 2008 won’t run anything newer than Lion, even though it costed a lot and I could’ve gotten a great PC for that price.
    Thanks for being honest with us about the Mac issues.

    It has to be said that I have to get used to a new website design. It takes a bit of a time.

    I am very glad that this happened to you and I hope you’ll have a great life in love and also in financial sections.
    You’re lucky, because you probably get to do what you love to do. Unlike me.

  • pierre says:

    Congratulations Thomas !
    You deserve it , really do.

  • Jim says:

    Hi Thomas,
    It’s really great to see a truly excellent product being further developed and enhanced.
    Many thanks for the long hours of hard worked you have put in to this.
    I do hope this remains as a free product whom development is supported by donations.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the more comprehensive Mac security products with baited breath.

  • eric says:


    From one InfoSec pro to another; Well done my friend… WELL DONE!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you will do now that you have a team behind you.


  • Ted says:


    Since you have a direct line to the CEO of Malwarebytes, and Malwarebytes is rolling in cash now because their pricing for business is so high. Can you ask him to research bringing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit to the Mac. We need some sophisticated programs for the Mac.

  • Ben Herbsman says:

    Congrats Thomas! Thanks for all your great work ๐Ÿ™‚
    AdwareMedic has been a huge asset to IT professionals everywhere, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with now that you (hopefully) have some of Malwarebyte’s resources at your disposal.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Ted says:

    Can post the url the update uses, I need to add that to by-pass my UTM proxy that is killing the updates.

  • Riley says:

    Malwarebytes for PC according to independent testing through AV-TEST.ORG, AV-Comparatives.ORG and a few other well respected sites is not what it used to be. I had used it on two of my PC’s dating back to 2013 and stopped in 2015 as it’s detection rate had dropped below 60%.
    Upon switching back to Mac I was actually surprised to hear of quite a few Apple employees endorse the now obsolete “Adware Medic”. It will be interesting to see is the above mentioned companies allow Malwarebytes for Mac into their testing and also if the detection rate is above an expectable percentage.

    • Thomas says:

      Such companies test the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware unfairly, comparing it against tools that it does not pretend to be. It, AdwareMedic and the new Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac are not meant to detect every single piece of malware in existence, including antiques that couldn’t possibly be found in the real world today, nor are they meant to look in all kinds of places that don’t make much sense, like a folder on your desktop unceremoniously filled up with malware samples.

      Thus, it’s not surprising that this kind of testing of these products gives poor results… much as a test of the off-roading capabilities of a Toyota Prius is likely to be quite poor in comparison to a group of SUVs.

      The free Malwarebytes tools are very good at doing what they are designed to do – which is to detect and remove the malware, adware and PUPs that are affecting people in the real world – but unsurprisingly, are not good at what they are not intended to do.

  • Patrick says:

    Congratulations Thomas. I have been following you for a long time now, pretty much ever since I got my mac and found the safemac website. I also follow you on Twitter. When I first saw the tweet, I thought you were recommending the Anti-Malwarebytes program as a third party software. Later on, when I clicked the link, I saw that it was your program merged with the Malwarebyte’s program. I have used the Anti-Malware program along with Hitman Pro and Super Anit-spyware program to detect and remove viruses and malware from PC systems. I am glad to see the Anti-Malware program added to the Mac system now.

    Keep up the good work Thomas. You are the first place I go to to find out if there are any bad programs lurking around out there for the Mac.

  • Ben10years says:

    Great News Finally! A great marriage, and thank you Thomas for helping us Mac users with malware. Been using Malwarebytes for years on the PC, finally ditched Microsoft completely. Now, Apple swears it is virus and malware free, but has lousy security. If only they stop making more stupid products like the iWatch (which I would never buy) and devoted themselves to user security which they continue to make vulnerabilities in their OS. Thanks a lot, we appreciate it. I’ve installed it and will scan every day.

    • Thomas says:


      BTW, Apple hasn’t actually claimed to be malware-free in years, since the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads were on the air. I agree that their security could use some improvements, though!

  • Timothy says:

    Yeah, pan-hendeling on twitter for the recently leaked Hacking Team code does not, in my opinion, inspire confidence, to me, that Reed is going to be able to produce and maintain software that is any match for sophisticated OS X threats.

    • Thomas says:

      Clearly you haven’t followed very many other security experts on Twitter. I’m far from the first to seek out such things on Twitter, and I won’t be the last. And it actually turns out that there was no compiled Mac code in the leak – Patrick Wardle had to figure out how to compile it to see an actual app – so it’s hardly surprising that I had difficulty finding it.

  • Peter van Rossum says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Your AdwareMedic helped me and my clients on numerous occassions. Your website is a very useful source of information and I’m glad to read that you’re taking this next step. I wouldn’t be first in line to start using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware but that might change now that I know that you’re on board. Keep up the good work, Peter

  • I couldn't think of a name but oh well says:

    Does this mean you can post on the blog more often?

  • John M says:

    This is great! Malwarebytes and AdWare Medic were always my two favorite Programs for cleaning out users computers quickly! Does this have a MacKeeper removal script included? Thanks for all you do!

  • Ted says:


    I finally had some time to try to bypass the the updates to Malwarebytes for Mac updates that my Sophos UTM was killing. I did not know why, but thought it was in Web Protection. I did the bypass and it was still getting blocked. Then I checked Intrusion Prevention and I am getting this.

    :39:44 Astaro9 snort[10923]: id=”2101″ severity=”warn” sys=”SecureNet” sub=”ips” name=”Intrusion protection alert” action=”drop” reason=”BLACKLIST User-Agent known malicious user agent – malware” group=”500″ srcip=”″ dstip=”″ proto=”6″ srcport=”53420″ dstport=”80″ sid=”16551″ class=”A Network Trojan was Detected” priority=”1″ generator=”1″ msgid=”0″

    I question the Blacklisting and did a further IP address lookup. Why use such a dirty IP address that is filled with blacklisted sites for a name brand anti-malware company that is loaded with money and can afford a dedicated download IP that can be watched and protected vs being on scummy mass community server that who knows who “pwnd” it ? Kinda short sided and stupid I think. Where are Malwarebytes best practices?

    Is there anyway “we” or “you” can question the use of a “Typhoid Mary” community server for a direct download of security updates that I will need to SSL directly into my network. Again where are Malwarbytes best practices?



    • Thomas says:

      It’s important to understand that any third-party CDN (content delivery network) can get improperly treated this way, simply because someone unethical has abused it. Akamai servers, for example, are used by Apple to distribute some of its content, and yet Akamai servers have also ended up getting blocked from time to time. This doesn’t make the CDN “dirty” or a “Typhoid Mary.”

      For that matter, even The Safe Mac has been blocked as a “malicious” site before. So it’s important to take these kinds of alerts with a grain of salt.

      • Thomas says:

        More info… it looks like this is not an issue with the IP address, but a false positive on the user-agent string. (This is a string sent by every browser to identify itself, and although things like AdwareMedic and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac are not browsers, they still download files via http, and thus must send a user-agent identification string.) I suspect that this is due to the word “malware” appearing in our user-agent string (within the word “Malwarebytes”).

        I’m contacting Sophos, and would advise you to do the same for fastest resolution of this issue.

  • Dietrich says:

    An amazing product sold out to Malwarebytes? If anyone has followed the decline of Malwarebytes especially over the past few years, it really is a shame that this product will follow this same pattern.

    • Thomas says:

      I’m not sure what decline you’re talking about… I’m not seeing that. It is currently the number one most downloaded anti-malware tool, and is the go-to remediation tool for many knowledgeable Windows techs. AdwareMedic was the go-to tool for Mac techs, and now Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac will fill its spot.

  • Mark Rushton says:

    Congrats, Thomas – nice to see someone be rewarded for making great Mac software.

    As for Malwarebytes – I understand the corporate desire to rebrand, but “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac” certainly doesn’t have the panache of “Adware Medic”. If anything, it’s rather ominous and intimidating, I would think, to novice users (precisely the people who are key client targets for this software). “Adware Medic” was a friendly, helpful, well-intentioned moniker. From a marketing point of view, I’d call this a Fail.

  • Jim Huls says:

    It’s unfortunate that the free Malwarebytes for Mac is listed for Home Use Only while there is a free Windows version that says nothing of the sort. I’ve known support people for years who use the free version in their business environment.

    • Thomas says:

      Technically, the free Windows version of Malwarebytes is also for home use only. Use of free version by businesses is discouraged.

  • Sacha says:

    Good on you, can you still download the Adware Medic app?

    • Thomas says:

      Although AdwareMedic is still supported at this time, we’d prefer people to start using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac now. It’s essentially the same app anyway, with some minor user interface changes and added malware signatures.

  • Andrew Carson-Evans says:

    I love AdwareMedic, it’s saved me and a bunch of my friends and family! Now that you are part of Malwarebytes, you guys should really put the free version up in the App Store! Someone noted above some caution when your old site re-directed to the new Malwarebytes site. Putting the free version up in the App Store gives this some automatic legitimacy and huge exposure. Then you can still sell the business version direct from the website. I know it would be a lot easier to suggest the new Malwarebytes Anti-Malware app if it was in the App Store.

    • Tobias Karlsson says:

      I agree. Putting the app on the MAS would for sure make the app more accessible. Are there any plans for this?

      • Thomas says:

        We will be reviewing that as a possibility, but due to sandboxing restrictions enforced on App Store apps, it may not be possible to do so without crippling the app.

  • Mitch Uzelac says:

    Hi, I have downloaded MAM for Mac but when I run the file it will not launch. Have tried a few times. Should I be concerned?

  • M says:

    Congrats on your new job Thomas, but I’m sorry to say I won’t be following you to another site. I feel this change is bad news for Mac security. The reason I came to your site and used it as my main source of info is because you were a neutral, trustworthy person with no obligations or financial ties to the companies and people you wrote about, and no vested interest in whether or not the truth harmed someone’s business. You simply gave us the facts as they were, usually with your professional opinion included – you didn’t try to make something sound significantly better or worse than it really was. The reason I used AdwareMedic is I trusted it to remove adware without breaking anything important (and if it did, I knew I could count on you to fix it in the next release) and not invade my privacy in unacceptable unnecessary ways.

    I can no longer say any of the above is true. It may be, and perhaps Malwarebytes will be a superior product in terms of removing adware/malware (poaching you was certainly a good decision for their business), however, the point is I cannot *know* whether it [most likely] is true or not. The waters are too muddy now. If testing at some point in the future shows Malwarebtyes is inferior to other Mac anti-malware products, will you say so bluntly and honestly like you’ve always done? Why didn’t you continue The Safe Mac as your personal blog like it was before? You could have done that rather than becoming just another vehicle for a multi-million dollar company to get more customers. I was shocked when I visited today and saw multiple ads on The Safe Mac (and even though I have several levels of adblocking). Sadly your opinion on security and threats can no longer be trusted by the public (a for-profit company that makes a Mac anti-malware program is what pays for your food & mortgage, and they own your blog too). I’m very sad to see The Safe Mac disappear, and especially sad to see AdwareMedic die. How long will it be before the free version of Malwarebytes becomes a “trial” version, and then the trial version becomes so crippled that’s it’s useless?

    I suspect you will not post this, but I hope that you do, because if you’re still the same person – as I assume you will insist you are – then you should not be concerned with posting a counter viewpoint. So many people are blindly trusting this new product simply because your name is connected to it, and they are not deciding whether to use it based on actual need and risks vs. possible benefits (which is a principle you’ve always preached). To be clear, I’m not saying people shouldn’t use Malwarebytes (I don’t think they should simply trust it though, regardless of the reason or lackthereof, I think they should do their research and make an informed decision) or that you don’t genuinely believe in the product, rather my comments are regarding you becoming an employee and selling your fantastic and unique freeware app & your blog to a major global company which in this context represents the very definition of conflict of interest.

    Thank you for all the work you have done over the years to help Mac users and improve Mac security. I’m truly disappointed to witness the end of an era.
    P.S. What a terrible name. AdwareMedic was much better.

    • Thomas says:

      Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I do want to clear up a few misconceptions.

      First, regarding ads on The Safe Mac, there are none. There is a graphic for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac along the right side of the page, which I wouldn’t qualify as an ad since it’s our product. If you saw ads on the site, they shouldn’t have been there, and they are probably an indication that you’re infected with adware, or your network has been hacked, or something else along those lines.

      Second, regarding how long it will be until Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac becomes a crippled trial version, the answer to that is easy: never. Malwarebytes is committed to having a free consumer version. Despite the present maturity of their Windows product line, they still offer a free consumer version of their equivalent Windows product that is not crippled in any way, and that is considered to be the best malware removal tool in the industry by many techs. The same will be true of the Mac version.

      Of course the free version will ultimately allow for the user to upgrade to a premium version with more real-time protection and other advanced features, but the functionality that is being provided by the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac will not be reduced or time-limited in any way.

      Finally, with regard to my former lack of bias… nobody who acts as a journalist can ever act entirely without bias, unless they’re funded and protected by a large organization. I’ve had my share of threats of legal action, and thus, as a guy doing this as a hobby from home, there were things I simply couldn’t safely say. If anything, I think being under the umbrella of a company gives me more protections, and more ability to call things like I see them, than I had before.

      Of course, you won’t find me saying bad things about Malwarebytes, and some may call that biased. I don’t really see it that way, though, as everyone in the company is so well-aligned with my own thoughts and ideals. I wouldn’t work for a company that I didn’t believe in. Honestly, I was making enough money from AdwareMedic donations that I didn’t have to sell… I did so because I wanted to, and because I believed it was a great opportunity to do some really good things for the Mac community.

  • Paul Sypek says:

    Will this work on machines that are still running snow leopard?
    All the best.

  • Frank says:

    Hi Thomas,

    New Mac user but can say was very (to overly!) protective when I was on a PC (weeks ago). Wondering if when you’ll also have an anti-Exploit for Mac. Any plans?

    Thanks and looking forward to your feedback as not finding a lot of ‘things’ I used to have for my PC.


    • Thomas says:

      That is definitely on our to-do list, but it’s far too early to estimate timing. Other things have to come first. However, we do recognize that an anti-exploit tool for the Mac would be extremely useful!

      • Frank says:

        Noted and looking forward really to seeing the anti-Exploit icon pop up again! Lastly, and hope you donโ€™t mind Tom, aside from online habits, Iโ€™m just really trying to figure out Mac. What are the key/main things I need to have installed? Currently, I have:
        – Malwarebytes (glad I found your site yesterday!)
        – on Chrome I have Disconnect, ABP, HTTPEverywhere & Avast extensions activated (like how it was on my PC)
        I donโ€™t have any AV or Firewall so wondering what and/or what else you can recommend including a few key dontโ€™s for Mac.

        Thanks again and really looking forward to your guidance.

        • Thomas says:

          Honestly, the most important thing you can do is take care with what you download. At this time, that’s far more important than what tools you have installed. That could change at any time, unfortunately, which is why we feel it’s important to have things like an anti-exploit tool: to help protect against the most significant potential problem on any computer, the “zero-day” malware. (That is, malware that is already affecting machines “in the wild” prior to its public discovery.)

          Regarding a firewall, be aware that the traditional firewall doesn’t protect you at all against malware, and really has no purpose on an end-user Mac. However, an outgoing firewall, such as Little Snitch, can be useful in identifying what processes are “dialing out,” provided that you can appropriately identify all the weird but normal processes that are part of OS X and not get freaked out by them.

          • Frank says:

            Thank you very much Tom! All noted and for the time being, will try to find an alt to Little Snitch as a bit too expensive (isn’t there a lite/cheaper version? should I install for the time being a free 3rd party firewall like Comodo? – used to have this on my PC). Will also need to go over your other article thoroughly (

          • Thomas says:

            I know very little about Comodo’s firewall, so I can’t say whether – or how completely – it performs the same kinds of tasks that Little Snitch does.

          • Frank says:

            Update: Found a lifetime vpn sub deal, should I go for it instead? (after reviewing the prod vs. others)

          • Thomas says:

            A good VPN is useful for protecting communications when you need to connect to an open wifi network. When you’re on a protected wifi network, as you should be when at home for example, there’s really no need for one. Whether it’s worthwhile to you depends on how often you connect to such networks, and what tasks you do while on those networks.

            A VPN does not serve in any way to protect against malware, and doesn’t serve the same role as an outgoing firewall.

          • Frank says:


            Really appreciate your time & advise. Rest assured I’ll save some for LS. For the time being and lastly, any thoughts on RadioSilence?


          • Thomas says:

            I don’t know much about RadioSilence, but from a superficial examination, it looks like it’s similar to, but a bit more limited than, Little Snitch.

  • Frank says:

    Tom, quick one: Interested to see what you’re advise is re the Yahoo + malware including what steps should be taken to check your Mac? (for PC = run Malwarebytes, AV, etc.?)

    • Thomas says:

      If you’ve got some kind of adware that has changed your browser settings to Yahoo, then Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac should solve the problem for you.

  • ngd1224 says:

    I was referred to you by Ralph Landry1, Apple Community Support….this is my question, when it comes to pop-up blockers. Can you allow certain sites only? i ask this because my bank has done a system upgrade recently, and because of this, I’m unable to view my documents. Unfortunately, the only work around Ive been told is to allow pop-up blockers (but this is for every website). There is no work around for Safari. Thank you for all your help!

    • Thomas says:

      I tend not to use pop-up blockers, so I don’t really know. My view on pop-up blockers is this: I want to see the ads, since they often provide a useful metric for assessing the validity of a site. The more obnoxious the ads, the less I am willing to trust the site, and if the ads result in tech support scam pop-ups and other such scams, then I know immediately to avoid the site for good.

      Plus, this rewards sites that are engaging in responsible advertising and punishes sites that are being irresponsible. If everyone behaved that way, we wouldn’t need ad blockers anymore.

  • David H says:

    Will you be adding CLI into the business version? I would be interested in having the ability to run/report using a management system like JAMF Casper Suite.

  • Ofelia says:

    Congratulations, Thomas! I am definitely surprised by this, but it’s certainly a great achievement! I can’t help but grin at the fact that Malwarebytes was one of the companies the infamous ZeoSh–I mean, ZeoBIT (that save, though) tried to copy for one of their schemes, and now you’re working for Malwarebytes. Way to go!

  • peter says:

    Thanks, Thomas!
    I’ve been a contributor to Malwarebytes for years (invaluable on our Windows machines).
    You and Dave Nanian (SuperDuper!) are really appreciated in the world of Macs.
    Best wishes.

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