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New Adware Removal Tool

Published May 3rd, 2014 at 8:22 AM EDT , modified May 3rd, 2014 at 8:23 AM EDT

I’m excited to announce the availability of The Safe Mac’sย Adware Removal Tool, currently in public testing! This tool is an AppleScript application that will scan your system and remove all components of any known Mac adware. For more information, and to download the tool, go to:


  • Paul says:

    Great work – this tool will prove to be more and more useful given the ever-increasing adware that is affecting the Mac platform.
    A script that automates the process will be a terrific asset to less experienced users who are sometimes worried about wrecking their systems if they make a mistake when removing the adware.
    Thank you!

  • Kate says:

    Wow! Congratulations, Thomas/TSM! This will be so great for users. I recently removed Genieo from my friend’s MacBook Air using your instructions, but I was worried about messing it up and freezing the laptop. So this is such a great help. Thanks as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jay says:

    I would just like to say: Thank You.
    I got infected with Genieo a few months back and I didn’t know what to do, until I found your site.
    I removed all the files in your instructions. I always thought I missed something, until now when your tool didn’t pick up anything!
    You helped me out sooooo much! I’ll always recommend you to people with Mac problems.

    • Jay says:

      Sorry for posting again, but there is a small problem with the tool that you might want to know about.
      It seems that when it went to close the Browser I was using (Chrome in my case), it got rid of it entirely on the dock, forcing me to go back into finder and drag it back. It’s not a huge issue(hell, it only took less than ten seconds to fix), but I thought I’d let you know.

  • Aiden says:

    Randomly found you on the internet and it worked super well, thanks

  • Jon says:

    Love this! – tried to follow some of your manual guides, but was still getting some ads, and an annoying thing where loads of words on webpages have green double underline and cause popups…ran this tool and it removed gophotoit and downlite and now all good! – THANK YOU!

  • Trent says:

    I be tried this and it lead me to a file called i then emptied my trash and it worked at first, but the the save keep ads, which I was having trouble with came back. I really need some help please.

  • Manfred says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I used the ART and it removed Spigot for good here. However, there’s just one thing I noticed. I ran the EasyFind utility to check if there were still any files on both my internal and external drives with the word “Spigot” in them. Easyfind came up with a Spigot .plist file on both drives. I don’t know if the ART script is actually supposed to remove these files. Just to be on the safe side, I trashed both and emptied the Trash. Since then, I am totally “Spigot-free”.
    Thanks for the tool, and keep up the good work!

  • Manfred says:

    I see… Any hunches why the script didn’t spot the Spigot .plist file that was on my internal drive?

    • Thomas says:

      What Spigot .plist file is that? If it was in the Preferences folder, it’s unimportant. If you found one in a LaunchAgents or LaunchDaemons folder, then you have a new variant of Spigot that I’ve never seen, and I’d like to have as many details as possible!

  • Manfred says:

    It was in the Preferences folder, so I guess we can leave it at that.

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you so much! I found most of the adware hidden away in my Library thanks to your site, but couldn’t find the last little bit of it. Your tool did though, and now everything is working perfectly again. Amazing tool!!!

  • Jana says:

    Hi Thomas ! Thanks a lot for this great tool ! My MacBook was infected today by conduit malware and I have removed it very successfully !! Like a bonus extra I have received much more younger computer back :-). When I have deleted more than 2000 files identified, really it works very fast now !! It seems that everything is OK ! Thanks a lot again and successes in your work !!

  • Leopoldo says:

    Tks a lot!
    Wonderful job.

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you so much! I read all your advice to get rid of ads but nothing has worked until now! Thank you thank you!

  • TGM says:

    Worked like a magic charm! I had tried everything! I was seriously considering a a clean install on a new hard drive. So very glad to have discovered your Adware Removal Tool. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex says:

    Thank you Thomas! Spent over 3 hours trying to get rid of ads embedded onto webpages in safari, only stopped after running the script! Cheers!

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Thomas. I’ve been having issues with ads popping up in Safari on my iPad (I’ve noticed that Vube seems to be one of the sites). Is there a way to run your script on an iPad? When I clicked on it, it said that it couldn’t be downloaded. Thanks!

  • Rainer says:

    WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate Cunningham says:

    After many wasted days trying to fix a adware issue, your removal tool sorted it in a flash. I was amazed. Thank you so much.

  • Nicola says:

    Fantastic tool – so pleased that I found it!!

  • Dineen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was afraid I ruined my Mac after I downloaded Torrent. Not really sure why I did, as I was afraid of getting a virus but I always hear people talking about it. So after downloading and having nothing but adware pop up on my computer, I quickly removed it! Then I realized I still had pop ups, your removal tool worked and I can not be happier! Again thank you! No more torrent for me….lol!

  • Doug says:

    Thank you, this solved my Genio problem on my Mac. I’m just an average user. It kinda sucks that standard antivirus software won’t remove this crap. that’s what I get for trying to watch baseball for free. You ought to put out a tin cup for donations. Thanks again

  • Toby says:

    Thanks! finally got this Genio crap off my computer… Seems as if it was unwittingly installed
    by my daughter care of a minecraft skins download.

  • Fiona Dilston says:

    Thanks be ….removed the evil that is Geneio from my Mac Book . The world needs more people like you Thomas

  • Peter says:

    Huge thanks from me too — after the Mac security update failed to remove the adware I found your tool. Got rid of Fkcodec and Geneio in about 20 seconds. Much appreciated!

  • Chantal Wroth says:

    Omg I Officially Love Your Site. Simple Amazing Language No IT Language. Had a Problem with Adware and you just solved all my problems ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Officially being added to my Favourites Bar.
    Thank You Thomas

  • Ritch says:

    Thank you! I had troublesome ads and tried what seemed to be everything with no success. I came across your site and downloaded your Adware Removal Tool. VOILA!! it found DownLite and removed it … in an instant. NO MORE PESTY ADS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brent says:

    This found DownLite and removed it immediately. All my ads are gone. This is a totally legitimate fix and I’m so happy I found it. Highly recommended!!!

  • EdJ says:

    just used your very clear instructions to remove Downlite – thanks

  • David says:

    Fast, easy to use, and works magic. My browzers were full of ad-overlays and I had pop up ads and click ads like never before…but now they’re GONE.

    Thanks so much.

  • Mick says:

    AWESOME….. I had pop ups on every page I opened and then I was getting re directed to other sites, I was using Safari then I tried Chrome it worked ok for a very short time and then the same.

    I found this thread somehow and downloaded your removal tool, VERY EASY TO USE and it completely fixed my issues in a couple of minutes.


  • Mole says:

    Brilliant! Thank you so much. It removed Geneio and photo it all in one go.

  • copykatparis says:

    absolutely brilliant, and non-techy enough to understand! Download tool miraculous; I’d used ad blockers but still could not get rid of pesky GoPhotoIt (I’m even afraid to type it!). Just found your site after being plagued with the Yahoo serach page re-direct; now all sorted out. I’ll definitely be bookmarking and back. Thanks for your wonderful service to us all!

  • Helen says:

    OMG…you are a genius. Thank you for this. so quick and easy to do.

  • Robin says:

    Thank you, I have recently switch from Windows so Im a greenhorn with this OS, your tool worked fine and Ill keep it for future use…

  • Mel says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tool! First time I’ve had to deal with anything like Genio. A quick tip for those who might have the same problem I did…After resetting my homepage in Chrome to Google, I still had an issue where the bing search would come up anytime I searched directly from the address bar in a new tab. The fix, which I found through several more searches: While in Chrome, go to the Chrome menu at the top of your screen and choose Preferences. In addition to resetting your home page to, you also need to change the “Search” which is two lines below the “Home Page” — when you click your mouse there’s a drop down menu that should come up and you can select “Google” NOT “Google (By Genio).”

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Arthur Meenks says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I’ll be an ambassador of your great app!!!!!

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