The Safe Mac

Mac Malware Guide

The issue of Mac malware is one that is often understood poorly. Malware for the Mac does exist, but it is rare and generally only affects Macs for brief periods until it is discovered and blocked by Apple. Learning about the threats, and how to protect yourself against future malware, is the only way to stay safe online.

I strongly advise reading this guide in order, rather than jumping straight to the topic that interests you most.    It will be a bit of a long read, but each chapter is written on the assumption that you will already be familiar with the material from previous chapters, so that I don’t have to constantly repeat myself.  Of course, if you are already familiar with the topic of Mac malware and are just looking for clarification on a particular topic, feel free to skip ahead.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the threats?
  2. How does Mac OS X protect me?
  3. Do I need anti-virus software?
  4. How can I protect myself?
  5. Am I infected?
  6. Malware Dictionary

If you are serious about security, I also highly recommend reading one of Apple’s Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact me, or to seek advice on the Malwarebytes Malware Removal Help for Mac forum.