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Twitter hacked

Published February 2nd, 2013 at 9:04 AM EST , modified February 2nd, 2013 at 11:16 AM EST

The latest in a long string of sites to be hacked, Twitter reports that they were hacked and the account information for 250,000 users was captured. Twitter says they have reset the passwords for affected users and sent explanatory e-mail messages to all of them. However, I would not advise assuming that you are safe if you did not have your password reset. The attackers could have accessed more data than Twitter realizes. Conversely, I would not advise clicking links in any e-mail messages you receive, as they may not actually come from Twitter. This sort of situation invariably leads to phishing attempts, as other hackers try to trick users into revealing passwords. All users of Twitter should immediately change their passwords. Log in to, click the gear icon (in the top right corner of the page) and choose Settings from the menu that appears, then click Password on the left side of the page.

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  • Someone says:

    Would Twitter (the real Twitter) send you an email with a link?

  • Someone says:

    I actually don’t use Twitter, but I wanted to put the question out there, just in case 🙂

  • Al Varnell says:

    IIRC, the news article I read said that you would get an e-mail telling you to log into your Twitter account and change your password. It didn’t mention that there would be a link and I agree with Thomas that you shouldn’t click on it if it does as I am almost certain there will be phishing attempts based on this news.

  • kOoLiNuS says:

    If it can be of help I do have the email from Twitter were you can read it’s source with all the headers and such.

    I’ve clicked on the link they’ve provided (after having checked all of those and the provided URL).

  • aalien says:

    I NEVER click on links in emails… Except when registering in some website and had to activate the service but that’s only one time and to the first access only. Some websites even offer you two choices: the click (don’t click it copy link and paste in the browser) and a reference number when you log in in the website they first ask you for that number they sent you in the email…

  • Someone says:

    Definitely with you, aalien. I’m pretty sure that no reputable company would send an email telling you to click a link except for those “confirmation” things.

    Words to the world: never, ever, EVER click on a link in an email unless you know that it’s coming. Even if it’s from someone you know.

  • aalien says:

    @Someone: yes you’re right… Even if it’s from one you know!

    I remember some years ago a friend of mine sent an email BUT the date of the email was one day before the day I received AND that day I was with her ALL the day.

    The title was very strange (yet normal) from something from her simply because we known each other for years and we simply don’t talk each other in normal ways… Anyway the title was: “Important: Se Party Photos”.

    It was not in English but I translated and it’s pretty much it. I though maybe it’s an redirect and she didn’t even wrote that but since I was with her she actually couldn’t send me that.

    I didn’t open it and next day ask her: Hey you sent an email… Well she say hotmail (her hotmail) was been sending email with a single line in the body: “See my party photos here now” with a link in the “now” word and when people click on it they open a website and their email would sent the same email in their contact lists…

    Always go with “the context” for instance she would never write “Important” in a “Party” email… Party it’s party, not important. Party it’s relax not important. But the thing it’s I actually know her and in our emails if we would like to say something about “her party” she actually would send me an email with a title “Banana” or “Kiwi” or “life inside my head”…

    Anyway you get it: sometimes it’s just the context to not only the situation…

  • Someone says:

    Yeah, I hate spam attacks. Especially when someone using a PC sends junk mail to your Mac – you never know what kind of junk is going to get put on your computer!

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