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My name is Thomas Reed, and I’m the author of all the articles and guides on this site. If you have clicked through to this page, you’re probably a bit curious about who I am and why I write this stuff.

I got my start in the Mac world early, in 1984, on the first Mac. When I began using Mac OS X, I believed that there was no Mac OS X malware, but eventually those illusions were shattered. Thus began my interest in Mac security, and my devotion to protecting the average Mac user.

I began The Safe Mac as a resource to help educate Mac users about security issues. I wrote frequently about malware and other security issues, and published longer guides on a few subjects. Often, discussions of malware were fairly academic, though, since most Mac users never actually saw any. Starting in early 2013, a new threat began to emerge on the Mac: adware. It began slowly, and I responded with a short Adware Removal, but by 2014 an epidemic was underway. This ultimately lead to the creation of AdwareMedic. In 2015, I joined Malwarebytes, where I am now the Director of Mac & Mobile, managing development of Mac, Android and (soon) iOS products. AdwareMedic has become Malwarebytes for Mac. Although The Safe Mac has become quiet, I still continue to write blog posts on Malwarebytes Labs.

Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed