The Safe Mac


If you wish to comment on or discuss a recent post on the blog, simply add a comment at the end of the article. Be aware that it will be better to post any comments in the articles on the Malwarebytes Labs blog, rather than on the “teaser” pages I post here to link to an article on Malwarebytes Labs.

For questions about Mac or iOS malware or adware, you can ask on the Malwarebytes Malware Removal Help for Mac forum.

If you have a general Mac or iOS technical support question, the best place to look for help is in a Mac tech help forum, such as Apple’s forums or the MacRumors forums.

If your question involves systems other than the Mac (or iOS), such as Windows or Android, I usually am not the right person to ask. There are a number of Malwarebytes forums dedicated to these kinds of topics.